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We focus on designing and building the software and hardware infrastructure necessary for robots to function efficiently and effectively.

Robotic arm 3D model

Our experience in robotics

We have extensive experience in selecting and integrating sensors and actuators, developing control systems, creating algorithms and software to enable robots to make decisions based on sensor input, and developing software that controls the robot's movement and allows it to interact with other systems or devices.

Robotic system design and development

We can design and develop customised robotic systems based on your specific needs and requirements, incorporating the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Mobile robots and rovers

Mobile robots and rovers are autonomous or semi-autonomous robotic vehicles designed to navigate and operate in different environments. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including inspection, surveillance, and material transportation. Our services include the design, development, testing, and implementation of custom mobile robots and rovers to meet specific industry needs.

Robot modeling and simulation

Robot modeling and simulation involves creating virtual models of robots and simulating their behavior in various environments. At Wayland, we offer services for robot modeling and simulation to help businesses test and refine their robotics systems before deployment, minimizing risks and costs associated with physical testing. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art software and techniques to create accurate and detailed models that can be used to optimize robot behavior, evaluate performance, and identify potential issues.